Dufrane Guide to Looking Good: Texas Gentleman Edition

Dufrane Guide to Looking Good: Texas Gentleman Edition

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It's no secret that Austin is known for its art, style, and culture. In the Texas capitol, you’ll find the juxtaposition of the Old West alongside the modernity of industry, shops, museums, and a bustling fashion scene. This duality is also present in the style of a Texas Gentleman. A true Texas Gentleman combines a pioneering spirit and “git ’er done” mentality to go along with the refinements that civilization offers. He’s as comfortable out in the field hunting and fishing as he is sipping fine bourbon while reading history books in his den. The Texas Gentleman needs a wardrobe to match his personality, and we’re here to help. DuFrane Watches has looked at some key parts of a Texas Gentleman’s wardrobe, and they’re letting you in on some of their secrets. Here are some favorites:

Headwear & Hairstyles

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Fashion starts from the top down, and since the days of the Old West, Austinites have needed solid head coverings. Whether for keeping away the beating Texas sun, staying dry from the elements, or looking dapper for a night out on the town, a hat is a necessary element for the Texas Gentleman to look his best. Noah Marion has a great selection of Beaver hats available in a variety of styles and colors, completing the look of Texas Gentleman. They also have wool caps for colder nights, and its selection of leather goods and belts make sure you’re not just looking your best but smell the part, too. Find them online or visit its flagship store located at 2053 South Lamar Boulevard in Austin.

The Outfit

When it comes to life necessities, a good tailor can be just as important as a good doctor or auto mechanic. Like other experts in their field, a tailor has insider knowledge when it comes to making a man look his best. Our favorite tailor and haberdasher is Bykowski Tailor and Garb. Located at 411 Brazos Street in downtown Austin. Bykowski has everything a man needs to complete his wardrobe, from casual to dressy. Going casual for the night? Pair one of their slant placket small check shirts with a pair of linen trousers. You’ll not only feel relaxed but look the part as well.

Need something more formal? Bykowski has a wide variety of suiting options to help you look the part. They also feature custom suits to fit any build helping you look good no matter what your body type. Lastly, they offer not just the clothes but the details to complete the look. With accessories, grooming products, and neckwear, Bykowski can help you find anything from a cravat to a revolver.



You can’t go wrong with a DuFrane watch. A good starting point for the Texas Gentleman is The Bergstrom. Its aviation inspired design along with a classic leather band and styling make The Bergstrom a natural pairing with most outfits, whether you’re going on a casual night out at a local Austin watering hole like Whisler’s or are dressed up for an important meeting at the Capitol.

If you’re more into the satisfying clink of solid stainless steel construction, check out a dive watch like DuFrane’s Barton Springs 656 Diver. It features the option of both blue and black watch faces, making it likewise an easy pairing with most outfits. Aside from its own offerings, DuFrane also has a vintage store featuring secondhand timepieces in excellent working condition from well-known brands such as Bulova, Hamilton, Seiko, and Rolex.


Every man needs a dependable shoe to get him where he’s going and look good while he’s getting there. When it comes to dress shoes, one can’t go wrong with classic leather, a material that will look good and last for years when well cared for. The penny loafer is one popular dress shoe style, named as such due to the alleged popularity of inserting a penny into the diamond-shaped slit on the front of the shoe. Several theories exist as to how this practice started including fashion, pure boredom, or the practical need to have extra change available during the era of pay phones.

Keeping a spare penny around could also help with pure luck, and one Austin-based shoe brand takes the penny concept a step further by adding lucky penny soles to each of their shoes. Penny Luck manufactures a variety of leather dress shoes including derby shoes, dress boots, and the classic penny loafer to complete the look of a classic Texas Gentleman.

Now that you’re dressed, head out on the town and enjoy all that Austin has to offer. After all, you can’t be a Texas Gentleman sitting around at home.

Written by Marco Cummings for Matcha in partnership with DuFrane Watches.

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