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Why the Travis is so different

A special hardening process to minimize case/bracelet scratches.

A simple, on-the-fly bracelet adjustment system.

No tools needed to go from a strap to a bracelet, and back again.


The Travis is a fun, spirited and robust dive watch. It is named after Austin's Lake Travis, which is our recreational-use water supply (reservoir). If that sounds odd, it is... Austin's water supply comes from a lake that can be used for boating, fishing, wake boarding or simply floating around with a cold one. It's that quirkiness that led me to design a watch to embody such a unique spot in Austin. The three colors are symbolic to the lake- Sky for the amazing colors at all times of the day, Dusk for the evening calmness and tranquility, and Juniper for all the trees that surround the lake.

The Travis is packed full of features that will make your ownership very satisfying. I'm introducing three new capabilities designed with you, the owner, in mind.

  • D | Protect is a DLC coating process that makes the Travis 5.5 times more scratch resistant than normal 316L steel.
  • D | Change is a simple spring bar release system to allow removal of the fitted SEL bracelet, without any tools.
  • D | Adjust is an on-the-fly micro adjustment in the bracelet buckle to allow easy expansion or tightening, again without any tools. 

Another first for DuFrane, the sapphire bezel adds something a little bit different. Not only is sapphire nearly scratch proof, but the smooth, glossy finish provide some great light reflections (just like the gentle wave reflections on Lake Travis). Each Travis will ship with the SEL bracelet and a custom silicone strap with color matching thread, and packaged in a DuFrane leather watch pouch. Click on Travis Specs for more details.

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