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We design and develop unique watches that stand the test of time; they're heirloom pieces. We use Swiss mechanical movements, both automatic and manual winding, and we design our watches for everyday to ensure they're robust and functional.

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After receiving the Barton Springs Diver, the quality of the watch and the offering can only be described as astonishing. All the "Top Brands" are included in my collection of watches, but this watch is truly my most prized timepiece. It has been, and will continue to be worn daily.

Dan Oliver

I have a constant rotation of watches every week. All that changed when I received the Barton Springs. I haven’t worn any other watches since. It’s been over two months and I have no desire to go back to any of my other watches. There was a short message addressed personally to me, with a direct number to call if I had any questions. What a class act! I love this watch, and I love Dufrane.


American Watch Brand - GMT watch

The City Limits

GMT Watch

We use the same unrivaled GMT watch movement that many Swiss watch brands use, offering incredible timekeeping performance.

Our GMT collection comes in a stealthy black watch or a brushed stainless steel case, both 42mm. There are four different variations, in both black and blue watch dial options. Built to last for generations.

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