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I will be adding a quarterly, long form email update, but only if you have an interest! I'm calling it 'The Man & The Brand'. It will be more about my life, my wife and everything in between. I'll include some behind the scenes business details about DuFrane, but also some personal info about me. The people I know and the places I go!

I've seen this with some other brands and I find it pretty interesting to read up more about personal interest, favorite vacations spots, best shoe purchase...just more details to get to know the man under that Stetson hat. If this sounds good to ya, please sign up.

Per usual, no data is ever sold or distributed outside of DuFrane. Y'all can opt out at any time.

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All components are carefully inspected to ensure quality. The case, bezel, hands, movement and dial are all examined under amplification before assembly begins.

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