Not All Quartz Watches are Created Equal

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Not all quartz watches are created equal. There are many items to consider when comparing the Waterloo to other quartz watches. Here's why The Waterloo differs from most Quartz watches


Movement- I chose an incredibly reliable and accurate Swiss quartz movement. The Rhonda 715 is a workhorse; it keeps +/-10 seconds per month and the battery will last for approximately 5 years. It has 5 jewels and is gold plated, meaning it’ll stand the test of time and run incredibly accurately. There is a wide range of quartz movements, from disposable Chinese versions, all the way up to masterfully created Grand Seiko movements. The Ronda 715 sits right in the middle and delivers incredible value, but maintains tremendous durability.


Case- The Waterloo uses the same manufacturing facility used by other Swiss powerhouse brands, such as Tag Heuer. The finishing is outstanding with the brushed areas complimented by the highly polished accents. You’ll be hard pressed to find a higher quality case at the Waterloo’s price point.


Lume- The Waterloo is on the dressier side. Most dress watches don’t include any lume, but I thought ‘you’ve gotta have some lume; nothing worse than looking down and trying to get a glint of light to see the time’. The lume I used is the much more expensive Swiss C3 SuperLumiNova; which means when the sun goes down, you’ll stay charged. 


Sapphire Crystal- It’s like boots, there’s lots of difference between a good pair and a cheap pair.  The Waterloo uses genuine Sapphire to protect the dial and hands, it’s durable and scratch resistant (second only to diamond), it’s not the cheap mineral glass you find in most Quartz watches.


Anti-Reflective Coating- Ever noticed with some watches, you have to get the light just right to see the hands due to glare and reflections? Not with the Waterloo, it has 6 layers of anti-reflective coating, to ensure readability both indoors and outside.

The Waterloo is not a fashion piece, it is a carefully designed watch that will serve you for many years to come.


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