Can I take my DuFrane in hot water?

Yes, each piece has a water resistance rating etched/printed on it. However, it is never a good idea to expose any watch to extreme water temperature changes. Meaning, don't wear it in a hot tub or shower. Even though great care and engineering has gone into making these watches water resistant, extreme temperature changes may cause the metal and rubber seals to expand and contract (ever so slightly) which may introduce water to the movement. The chances of this are not great, but still, simply remove before getting into hot water.

What about salt water?

Absolutely, your DuFrane will go in salt water but it is always a good idea to run it under clean water to rinse off any excess salt. Salt has a tendency to prematurely deteriorate the silicone seals and gaskets, so this is a good practice to help lengthen the lifespan of those components. This isn't just for your DuFrane watch, rather this is a best practice for any watch exposed to salt water conditions.

What is the best way to maintain my DuFrane?

Since we only use genuine Swiss movements, any reputable watch repair facility can tune and perform regular maintenance. It is recommended that every 5 years you simply bring your watch into a watch repair facility for service. These are mechanical marvels. However, they rely on jewels and oils to keep friction to a minimum. Guess what, just like anything mechanical and tunable (a car, motorcycle, guitar...), maintenance needs to be performed.