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GMT Watch  | City Limits Silver Haze

A GMT with no limits

Measure Two Time Zones

Our GMT watch collection, called the City Limits. This great tool watch is a cool sports watch which includes a Swiss made automatic watch movement. The clever ability to track 2 time zones makes this watch incredibly useful. Available style options in brushed stainless steel or ultra cool black watch PVD. We call the stylish concentric dial pattern a record dial. It is unique to DuFrane and provides incredible depth to the available color options.

who is dufrane

A pure passion for watches

My name Steven Lee and I've had a lifelong love affair with the poeticism, timelessness and inspirational beauty of mechanical watches. From the moment of my first watch purchase as a youngster (around 8), to being gifted by my mother my grandfather's old Wyler mechanical watch, I knew that watches were going to be one of the most central themes in my life.

This passion inspired me as a collector that led me around Europe on a personal quest to uncover more of the history behind watchmaking and the incredible brands that have hundreds of years of combined history.The DuFrane motto is “history remembers those who are a little bit different.”  From bold, risk takers to extravagant characters, every great legacy has a mark of distinction that makes them truly unique. 

Our watch designs embody a sense of adventure, freedom and desire to live life to the fullest. There are 86,400 seconds each day, how will you spend yours? Adventure Awaits. 

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